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I'm not going to tell you that you need to have an engagement shoot but I will tell you why you should!

Most couples feel nervous about having their photograph taken and personally I am no exception to that fact.

An engagement or pre-wedding photoshoot is such a fantastic opportunity for you to get a taste of what it will be like during your couples session in preparation for one of the biggest days of your lives!


I've listed a few reason's why you really should think about an engagement shoot! 

  • You get to meet me and see how we work together! Honestly, it's underestimated how great it is to go into your wedding with the feeling that you know your photographer and that they know you a wee bit more.

  • You will start to feel a great deal more comfortable in front of the camera and remove some unwanted stress.

  • We get to figure out what works best for you making the wedding day session that bit smoother and quicker!

  • You'll walk away with some amazing images! (typically around 50+ for an hour session)

  • We can visit a place of your choosing. Maybe it has some special meaning to you both or simply a visually stunning location.

  • Images can be used for little things such as save the date, signing books, placards, special gifts for each other etc.

  • Did I mention we get to hang out?


"We are head over heels in love with our engagement shoot gallery and can't stop looking at the photos! It's made us even more excited for the big day now!


I feel so lucky that we found such a brilliant photographer who is not only talented but also has a super personality! You had us laughing from start to finish and any nerves we had quickly disappeared."

Lucy & Greg

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